Brown sugar is made by adding molasses to white sugar and is sold in dark or light brown colors.  It has a tendency to lose moisture and develop lumps.

  • When a recipe asks for brown sugar, make sure that when measuring it, you are packing it down very well in the measuring cup.
  • If brown sugar gets very hard, you can soften by placing 1/4 apple in the bag.
  • Brown sugar can also be softened by placing in the microwave for 40 seconds.
  • If your brown sugar is lumpy, use a food process or to break up the lumps.
  • If you store brown sugar in the freezer, it will not clump up.  It is best though to place it in an plastic baggie and remove it from the box.

Thank you!

We had such a vast turnout today we will have to be closed tomorrow.  The farm will be open again next Saturday at 7am to noon.

I was really pleased and surprised to see so many customers today and I know you will enjoy the new owners too.  Their names are Todd and Ronda Seubert and they are excited about keeping the farm going and we wish them the best.



Blackberry season begins

We will be open Saturday May 3rd from 7am to 3pm and Sunday 7am to 1pm.  Silvas Farms has sold and I will be training the new owners so come out to meet them.  Due to the transition the hours will be limited this season and no week day hours.  There will also be peaches to pick.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.